Finding Natural Thrush Medication

Having canker sores on the lips or tongue will certainly make them feel uncomfortable. Canker sores usually appear in the oral cavity with a variety of causes such as mouth biting, use of cleaning products mouths are less fit, the consumption of food or drink that is too acidic or spicy, the effects of the virus, the effects of bacteria, mushroom effect, non-infectious, and the problem of the digestive system. Canker sores are sores in the mouth in the form of a concave spherical reddish feels quite painful, especially when touched food. The condition is usually confused with no appetite. At present, you certainly can more easily find a variety of products or drugs to treat ulcers in the market. However, you can try a natural thrush medication to help you in curing thrush.

Coconut water

You can use coconut water as a liquid for rinsing. This method is the easiest way and nice to treat canker sores.

Coffee powder

In addition to using coconut water, you can also use the ground coffee. You can take a little coffee powder attached to the affected part of the thrush and then let stand a few minutes and then you can rinse with clean water.

Salt water

Another way is to use salt water. You can use salt water for gargling. The salt content can draw liquid on canker sores so that the healing process can be much faster.


You can also take advantage of natural yoghurt for natural thrush medication. Yoghurt helps to balance the bacteria in the mouth and the body so that it can accelerate the healing process.

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