The Benefits of Water for Human Body

60 percent of our body is water. Our body uses water in all parts. However, our body loses water through some activities, such as sweating breathing and digestion. That is why, drinking enough water and eating foods that contain water is very important. The amount of water we need depends on some factors.

Below, we will try to discuss about the benefits of water for our body:

  • Protects our spinal cords, joints and tissues

We know how it feels when our nose, eyes or moth gets dry? We can keep the moisture of those sensitive areas by drinking enough water. Moreover, water also helps protect the spinal cord and joints in our body.

  • Water helps remove waste

If we get enough water, our body will be able to excrete waste through urination, defecation and perspiration. Our liver and kidneys use water to flush out waste. Water can also help our digestion system runs properly and voids constipation by softening stools.

  • Water aids in digestion

The digestion system starts with saliva, which has water as its basis. Digestion system relies on enzymes in saliva that will break down liquid and foods and dissolve minerals. Proper digestion means all nutrients more accessible to our body. In addition, water also prevents dehydrated. If we can fulfill the need of fluids, we can restore our body’s natural hydration levels. So, do not underestimate the benefits of water.

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